Deniz Yıldızı Women's Solidarity Association

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Our story...

Deniz Yıldızı Women’s Solidarity Association was founded by green feminist women, who have been involved in many institutions and initiatives for many years. Working on the common ground of ecology and feminism, she aims to mainstream the ecological struggle stemming from the women’s movement. It was named after the Sea Star story. You can have the story. However, let us explain by changing the subject.

“One day, those who go for a morning walk in a coastal town, an old woman – who is referred to as an old man in her death 🙂 – those who see the sea stars thrown on the beach by the waves, throw them back into the sea. They ask, “I am throwing the Starfish into the sea. Otherwise, they will dry out in the sun and die.”

We do not claim to be a savior to live as in this story. But if we can touch something, even the smallest, in every woman we can reach, in her natural part, what would it be?

The first meeting of the Purple Green meetings on “Climate Crisis, Disasters and Gender” was held in Bursa with the Koza Women’s Association. It was a very productive, enjoyable and participatory event. Thank you Koza Woman Bursa

We held our second Purple Green Meeting on “Climate Crisis, Disasters and Gender” on April 27-28, in Rize Fındıklı, with women from Meci Emek Evi Women’s Enterprise Production and Business Cooperative and Meci Agricultural Development Cooperative. Cooperativeism and gender issues came to the fore. It was very nice and enjoyable. While we were there, we also met and met women from the Gola and Felamur Association. We promised each other to work together.